About Us


Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue is a 501(c)(3), Non-Profit Organization. We are funded entirely by donations and run by the hearts of our Volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing Boston Terriers from shelters and individuals and finding them permanent homes. We have no shelter, our rescued Bostons are fostered in our homes until they find their new loving, responsible, lifelong homes.


To rescue Boston Terriers in need in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. That are relinquished for any reason by their owners, or are abandoned at shelters, animal control centers, veterinarian offices, Humane Society, SPCA or other facilities. To address any issues the dog may have that caused him/her to be surrendered or abandoned. By Providing public awareness of pet over population by ensuring that any dog adopted is spayed or neutered. Providing breed education and training assistance to those interested in adopting, and to those after they adopt. Our focus for each Boston Terrier in need is to provide a safe, healthy environment while we strive to find the best home available for that specific dogs needs.


We rescue Boston Terriers because we know and love this breed. We have seen a dramatic increase in the trend of owning this breed since January 2004. As the demand and desire for this breed has increased, so has our need to rescue more dogs. Being focused in our rescue efforts makes us knowledgeable with the physical and emotional needs of this breed. This will benefit both you and your future pup to make sure every adoption is a successful pairing. So many dogs are shelter dumped, lost or given up and unfortunately this breed is no exception. We average 10+ Boston’s a week intake, with our average cost per dog of $350. Many cost more because they are surrendered or shelter dumped in poor health conditions or because they require medical treatment that a former owner couldn’t afford.

  • Meet our founders - Gwen & Denise

    Meet MWBTR co-directors and founders, Denise and Gwen in this fun and personal interview about why they started MWTR and the pups that shaped what the rescue is today.

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  • Meet our volunteers

    Without our volunteers, donors and supporters we cannot continue to do what we do. Your support means everything to us and also to the lives we save each year. Learn more about volunteering and supporting MWBTR.

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